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New Release - USA T-13 & M706 Armored Car, French Laffly S35T, Russian YA-12 tractor & M1937 152mm gun, AT-P tractor & M1938 122mm gun, GT-T and T64BV


German Balkenkreuz Decal 1 German Balkenkreuz Decal German Vehicle Number Decal Red Cross Decal German Vehicle Plates Jagdpanther Eastern & Western Front Decal Late Panther G Eatern Front Decal Early Tiger I SS Divisions Decal
PDD-001 PDD-002 PDD-003 PDD-004 PDD-006 PDD-007 PDD-008 PDD-009
Tiger I Eastern Front Decal Axis T34/76 T34/85 Beutepanzers Decal Early Tiger I Heer Divisions Decal British AFV Decals 1 British AFV Decals 2 British AFV Decals 3 British AFV Decals 4 British AFV Decals 5
PDD-010 PDD-011 PDD-012 PDD-013 PDD-014 PDD-015 PDD-016 PDD-017
British Sherman & AFV Decals Canadian AFV Decals French AFV Decals 1 French AFV Decals 2 Italian AFV Decals 1 Italian AFV Decals 2 Russian AFV Decals 1 Russian AFV Decals 2
PDD-019 PDD-023 PDD-024 PDD-025 PDD-028 PDD-029 PDD-031 PDD-032
Russian AFV Decals 3 USSR AFV Decals Russian AFV Decals 4 US Army Stars Decal USA AFV Decals 2 USA AFV Decals 3 USA AFV Decals 4  
PDD-033 PDD-036 PDD-039 PDD-041 PDD-043 PDD-044 PDD-045  
      American AFV        
M3 Stuart


M3 Half Track M26 Pershing M24 Chaffee M18 Hellcat Jeep Willys+trailer LVT+Willy with figure+trailer
PDA-003 PDA-004 PDA-009 PDA-010 PDA-018 PDA-028 PDA-030A Landing Pack
LVT Buffalo M3 Lee (green) M3 Lee (desert) M3 Lee (lend-lease) Ford 6 Truck Ford 6 Field Repair Truck M7 Priest Ford GPA
PDA-039 PDA-067A PDA-067B PDA-067C PDA-071A PDA-071B PDA-080 PDA-082
M8 Howitzer M12 155mm GMC M10 Tank Destoryer M36 Jackson CCKW Truck CCKW Truck (canvas cover) CCKW Repair Truck CCKW Tanker
PDA-089 PDA-104 PDA-109 PDA-113 PDA-125A PDA-125B PDA-125C PDA-125D
Dodge WC54 Truck M59 Long Tom M5 Tractor DUKW (green) DUKW (camo) LVT A1 (green) LVT A4 (camo) M3 Scout Car (green)
PDA-126 PDA-015 PDA-124 PDA-127A PDA-127B PDA-142A PDA-142B PDA-156A
M3 Scout Car (yellow/green camo) M3 Scout Car (black/green camo) M16 AA Gun Dodge WC56 Dodge WC62 T12 GMC M4 DD Tank M19 AA Gun
PDA-156B PDA-156C PDA-153 PDA-159A PDA-159B PDA-164 PDA-187 PDM-216
M52 SPG M163 Vulcan (camo)
T-28 Super Heavy Tank (green)
T-30/34 Heavy Tank (green)
Ford 3t Tank (green)
M6A2E1 Tank (green)
M76 Otter (green)
M1921 (green)
PDM-215 PDM-234 PDA-220 PDA-197 PDA-259 PDA-253 PAM-277 PDA-288
T1E3/M1 (green)
LVT-P5 (green)
M60 (camo)
M4 Tractor (green)
Maxxpro (yellow)
T-31 (green)
M-577 (camo)
T-17 (green)
PDA-297 PDA-315 PDA-290 PDA-305 PAM-317 PDA-308 PAM-313 PDA-319
M-38 (green)
T-13 (green)
M-706 (camo)
PDA-336 PDA-330 PDA-327          
      British AFV        
Mark IV Cromwell Mark IV Cromwell North Africa Mark I (Male) Mark I (Male) Camo Valentine Green Valentine Desert Yellow Bishop Green Bishop Camo
PDE-002A PDE-002B PDE-006A PDE-006B PDE-019A PDE-019B PDE-021A PDE-021B
Daimler Mk II Green Daimler Mk II Yellow Matador Green Matador Desert Yellow Challenger (green) Challenger (yellow) Matilda MK II (green) Matilda MK II (desert)
PDE-029A PDE-029B PDE-037A PDE-037B PDE-038A PDE-038B PDE-086A PDE-086B
Matilda MK II (camo) Dorchester (camo) Dorchester (desert) MK.I A9 (2 colors camo) MK.I A9 (desert) MK.I A9 (3 colors camo) Universal Carrier Panzerjäger Bren 731(e)
PDE-086C PDE-094A PDE-094B PDE-106A PDE-106B PDE-106C PDE-099A PDE-099B
Crusader Mk.III (green camo) Crusader Mk. III (yellow) Crusader Mk. III AA (camo) Bedford QLD Truck (green) Bedford QLD Truck (yellow) Bedford QLT Troop Carrier (green) Bedford QLT Troop Carrier (yellow) Chevrolet WB 30 (yellow)
PDE-107A PDE-107B PDE-107C PDE-122A PDE-122B PDE-123A PDE-123B PDE-133A
Chevrolet WB 30 (camo) Comet (green) Comet (camo) M3 Grant (yellow) M3 Grant (green camo) M3 Grant (brown camo) Churchill VII (green) Churchill VII (camo)
PDE-133B PDE-135A PDE-135B PDE-139A PDE-139B PDE-139C PDE-140A PDE-140B
Churchill IV - AVRE (green) Churchill VII - Crocodile (green) Whippet (green) Whippet (yellow) FV214 Conqueror (green) Mark IV Male (green) Mark IV Male (yellow) A13 Cruiser Tank (green)
PDE-140C PDE-140D PDE-148A PDE-148B PDM-206 PDE-143A PDE-143B PDE-155A
A13 Cruiser Tank (camo) Centurion Tank (green) Centurion Tank (yellow) Scammell Tank Transporter (green) Scammell Tank Transporter (yellow) Valentine IX Tank (green) Valentine IXTank (yellow) Matilda I (green)
PDE-155B PDM-208A PDM-208B PDE-157A PDE-157B PDE-019C PDE-019D PDE-163
Archer Tank Destroyer (green) Archer Tank Destroyer (yellow) Sexton (green) Staghound (green) Staghound (yellow) Vickers Mk.VI (green) Vickers Mk.VI (yellow) Independent Tank (green)
PDE-165A PDE-165B PDE-167 PDE-168A PDE-168B PDE-174A PDE-174B PDE-183
Chevrolet C8A /w 25pdr gun (green) Chieftain (camo) Austin Armored Car (camo) Mark VIII (yellow) Mastiff PPV (yellow) FV 101 (camo) ACV IP (yellow) Little Willie (green)
PDE-231 PDM-219 PDE-229 PDE-235 PEM-241 PEM-243 PDE-247 PDE-252
Churchill A22D (green) AEC MK III (green) A-39 Tortoise (green) Land Rover (green)        
PDE-270 PDE-274 PDE-321 PEM-335        
      French AFV        
Somua S35 3 Color Camo Somua S35 2 Color Camo Somua S35 Captured Char B1 bis (3 colors camo) Char B1 bis (2 colors camo) B1 bis captured (gray) B1 bis captured (camo) B1 bis flame thrower (gray)
PDF-016A PDF-016B PDF-016C PDF-050A PDF-050B PDF-050C PDF-050D PDF-051A
B1 bis flame thrower (camo) H38 H38 captured /w 28cm rocket launcher FCM 2C (gray) FCM 2C (camo) FT-17 captured (gray) FT-17 (camo) Panhard 178 w/ 2 turrets option (gray)
PDF-051B PDF-035A PDF-035B PDF-098A PDF-098B PDF-120A PDF-120B PDF-137A
Panhard 178 w/ 2 turrets option (yellow) Panhard 178 w/ 2 turrets option (camo) Schneider CA1 (gray) Schneider CA1 (camo) Leclerc (camo) Leclerc (desert) Somua S35 3 Color Camo Somua S35 3 Color Camo
PDF-137B PDF-137C PDF-137B PDF-137C PDM-207A PDM-207B PDF-016D PDF-016E
Char B1 bis (2 colors camo) Char B1 bis (3 colors camo) Renault NC 31 captured (gray) Renault NC31 ( camo) Char D1 captured (gray) Char D1 (camo) Somua MCG4 /w M1917 155mm gun (green) Schneider 194mm GPF gun (green)
PDF-050E PDF-050F PDF-176A PDF-176B PDF-177A PDF-177B PDF-233 PDF-261
Panhard EBR75 (green) Saint Chamond (camo) AMC35 (camo) AMX13 (yellow) Renault VAB (camo) ARL-44 (green) Laffly S35T (camo)  
PFM-257 PDF-239 PDF-310 PFM-304 PFM-299 PFM-334 PDF-331  
      German AFV        
A7V Green A7V Gray A7V Camo Brummbar Brummbar Camo Opel Maultier Half Track Gray Opel Maultier Half Track Camo Opel Maultier with Flak 38
PDG-005A PDG-005B PDG-005C PDG-007A PDG-007B PDG-012A PDG-012B PDG-012C
SdKfz 250/1 Gray SdKfz 250/1 Camo SdKfz 250/1 Desert Yellow Marder I Gray Marder I Camo Marder I Winter Camo Marder II Gray Marder II Camo
PDG-017A PDG-017B PDG-017C PDG-020A PDG-020B PDG-020C PDG-022A PDG-022B
Marder II Winter Camo SdKfz 222 Gray SdKfz 222 Camo SdKfz 222 Yellow Marder III Gray Marder III Green Marder III Winter Puma Gray
PDG-022C PDG-023A PDG-023B PDG-023C PDG-024A PDG-024B PDG-024C PDG-025A
Puma Camo Puma Yellow Marder III M Green Camo Marder III M Brown Camo Marder III M Yellow E-10 Yellow E-10 Camo Neubaufahrzeug Gray
PDG-025B PDG-025C PDG-026A PDG-026B PDG-026C PDG-033A PDG-033B PDG-036A
Neubaufahreug Yellow Opel Blitz Gray Opel Blitz Yellow Opel Blitz Camo Opel Blitz Winter Blitz Tanker Gray Blitz Tanker Yellow Famo Gray
PDG-036B PDG-052A PDG-052B PDG-052C PDG-052D PDG-053A PDG-053B PDG-054A
Famo Yellow Famo Camo 88mm Flak 37 auf ZgKw 18t (yellow) 88mm Flak 37 auf ZgKw 18t (camo) VK3001 Sturer Emil 12.8cm SPG (gray) VK3001 Sturer Emil 12.8cm SPG (camo) 88mm Flak 36 (gray) 88mm Flak 36 (yellow)
PDG-054B PDG-054C PDG-055A PDG-055B PDG-056A PDG-056B PDG-057A PDG-057B
88mm Flak 36 (camo) 88mm Flak 36 (winter) SdKfz 7 (gray) SdKfz 7 (yellow) SdKfz 7 (camo) SdKfz 7 (winter) SdKfz 231 (6 rad) (gray) SdKfz 231 (6 rad) (yellow)
PDG-057C PDG-057D PDG-058A PDG-058B PDG-058C PDG-058D PDG-062A PDG-062B
Adler Kfz 13 (gray) Adler Kfz 13 (yellow) Dicker Max (gray) Dicker Max (camo) Dicker Max (winter) Marder II (camo) Marder II (winter) Marder II (yellow)
PDG-065A PDG-065B PDG-066A PDG-066B PDG-066C PDG-069A PDG-069C PDG-069B
PzKpfw I F (gray) PzKpfw I F(camo) SdKfz 233 (camo) SdKfz 233 (yellow) SdKfz 233 (winter) SdKfz 263 (gray) SdKfz 263 (yellow) SdKfz 263 (camo)
PDG-070A PDG-070B PDG-072A PDG-072B PDG-072C PDG-073A PDG-073B PDG-073C
Benz L3000 (gray) Benz L3000 (yellow) Benz L3000 (camo) Wespe (gray) Wespe (camo) ADGZ (gray) ADGZ (camo) SIG33 auf Panzer I
PDG-074A PDG-074B PDG-074C PDG-075A PDG-075B PDG-076A PDG-076B PDG-078
SIG33 auf Panzer II Diana (gray) Diana (yellow) SdKfz 234/3 (camo) SdKfz 234/3 (yellow) SdKfz 234/4 (camo) SdKfz 234/4 (yellow) Krupp Protze (gray)
PDG-079 PDG-083A PDG-083B PDG-084A PDG-084B PDG-085A PDG-085B PDG-087A
Krupp Protze (camo) SdKfz 7/2 (yellow) SdKfz 7/2 (camo) Mercedes Benz LG3000 (gray) Mercedes Benz LG3000 (yellow) LG3000 Tanker (gray) LG3000 Tanker (yellow) Henschel 33D (gray)
PDG-087B PDG-092A PDG-092B PDG-095A PDG-095B PDG-095C PDG-095D PDG-096A
Henschel 33D (yellow) Luchs (yellow) option VK1602 50mm gun Luchs (camo) option VK1602 50mm gun 15cm Panzerwerfer 42

Munitionskraftwagen SdKfz 4

Mercedes-Benz G4/W31 Mercedes-Benz G4/W31 (yellow) Jagdpanzer IV L70 (yellow)
PDG-096B PDG-100A PDG-100B PDG-110A PDG-110B PDG-112A PDG-112B PDG-114A
Jagdpanzer IV L70 (camo) Opel Omnibus (gray)

Opel Omnibus (yellow)

Einheit Truck /w field kitchen (gray)

Einheit Truck /w field kitchen (yellow)

SdKfz 251/20

SdKfz 251/7 (option 251/16)

105mm LeFH18 auf B2 (gray)

PDG-114B PDG-115A PDG-115B PDG-116A PDG-116B PDG-117A PDG-117B PDG-119A

105mm LeFH18 auf B2 (camo)

150mm sFH13/1 auf LS(f)

Mobelwagen (yellow)

Mobelwagen (camo)

15cm SIG33 38T Ausf.H (yellow)

15cm SIG33 38T Ausf.H (camo)

Opel Multier LKW (gray)

Opel Multier LKW (yellow)

PDG-119B PDG-118 PDG-097A PDG-097B PDG-132A PDG-132B PDG-012F PDG-012G

Opel Blitz LKW (gray)

Opel Blitz LKW (yellow)

Buessing NAG (gray)

Buessing NAG (yellow)

SdKfz.11 (gray)

SdKfz.11 (camo)

SdKfz.11 (yellow)

Panzer II Bridge Layer (gray)

PDG-052E PDG-052F PDG-151A PDG-151B PDG-152A PDG-152B PDG-152C PDG-154

Steyr 1500 (gray)

Steyr 1500 (yellow)

105mm LeFH18 auf H39 (camo)

SdKfz10 (gray)

SdKfz10 /w flak38 (yellow)

Sturmtiger (yellow)

Sturmtiger (camo)

Panzer III Ausf.A (gray)

PDG-146A PDG-146B PDG-145 PDG-158A PDG-158B PDG-158A PDG-158B PDG-160A

Panzer III Ausf.K (yellow)

Panzer III Ausf.K (camo)

Panzer III Ausf.N (yellow)

Panzer III Ausf.N (camo)

Panzer III Ausf.B (camo)

Nr.43&44 (gray)

Nr.43&44 (camo)

Nr.51 Armored Train (yellow)

PDG-160C PDG-160D PDG-160E PDG-160F PDG-160B PDG-172A PDG-172B PDG-169A

Nr.51 Armored Train (camo)

Pak40 auf.RSO (yellow)

Pak40 auf.RSO (camo)

17cm K18 /21cm Morser (gray)

17cm K18 /21cm Morser (yellow)

17cm K18 /21cm Morser (camo)

Tatra T85 Tanker (gray)

Land Wasser Schlepper (camo)

PDG-169B PDG-171A PDG-171B PDG-178A PDG-178B PDG-178C PDG-191 PDG-192

VK 1602 (camo)

Skoda RSO Radschlepper (camo)

Krupp Raumer-S (gray)

Donar 155mm SPG (NATO Camo)

SdKfz252 (gray)

LK-II (camo)

Beobachtungspanzer (camo)

Raupenschlepper Ost/01 & SIG33 gun (gray)

PDG-195 PDG-196 PDG-221 PDM-214 PDG-230 PDG-198 PDG-227 PDG-238A

Raupenschlepper Ost/03 & LeFH18 gun (yellow)

LUCHS APC (camo)

Henschel 6J (green)

Horch Kfz31 ambulance car (gray)

Pak97/38 auf.Pz740(r) (camo)

SdKfz250/10 (camo)

SdKfz253 (camo)

Kaelble Z6V2A (green)

PDG-238B PGM-242 PDG-260 PDG-263 PDG-273 PDG-265 PDG-266 PDG-276

Kubelwagen 155/4 (gray)


Faun ZRS (gray)

Faun ZRS (yellow)

FUCH APC (camo)

Panzerjager I (gray)

Faun L900 (gray)

Leichttraktor (camo)

PDG-295 PDG-264 PDG-287A PDG-287B PGM-293B PDG-301 PDG-300 PDG-282

LeWS tractor (yellow)

MAN630 truck (camo)

Pz Kpfw T15 (gray)

PDG-283 PGM-320 PDG-338          
      Italian AFV        
M13/40 Desert Yellow M13/40 Camo Semovente 75/18 desert yellow Semovente 75/18 Camo AB 41 (yellow) AB41 (camo) M11/39 (gray) M11/39 (camo)
PDI-027A PDI-027B PDI-059A PDI-059B PDI-088A PDI-088B PDI-102A PDI-102B
M15/42 (2 colors camo) M15/42 (3 colors camo) L6/40 (yellow) L6/40 (camo) P40 (yellow) P40 (camo) ALN56 (camo) Lancia 3RO (camo)
PDI-121A PDI-121B PDI-150A PDI-150B PDI-161A PDI-161B PDI-222 PDI-232
Laffly S15 TOE (yellow) Autocannone 3RO 90/53 (yellow) Semovente 149/40 (camo) C1 Ariete Tank (camo) Fiat 626 (camo) Fiat 665 (camo) AS43 (camo)  
PDI-240 PDI-251 PDI-271 PIM-275 PDI-246 PDI-294 PDI-329  
      Russian AFV        
T-35 T-35 Camo T-34/76 T-34/76 Camo SMK JS-3 ZIS-5 Green ZIS-5 Winter
PDR-001A PDR-001B PDR-008A PDR-008B PDR-011 PDR-031 PDR-032A PDR-032B
BT-7 Green BT-7 Winter T28 Early Version (green) T28 Early Version (winter) T28 Late Version (green) T28 Late Version (winter) SU76M green SU76M winter
PDR-034A PDR-034B PDR-060A PDR-060B PDR-060C PDR-060D PDR-061A PDR-061B
SU76M captured SU85 SU100 GAZ-AA (green) GAZ-AA (winter) GAZ-AAA (green) GAZ-AAA (winter) BA-6 (green)
PDR-061C PDR-064 PDR-081 PDR-090A PDR-090B PDR-091A PDR-091B PDR-093A
BA-6 (winter) T-100 T34/76 1943 (green) T34/76 1943 (winter) GAZ 67 ZIS-5 LKW T18 T26 (green)
PDR-093B PDR-101 PDR-111A PDR-111B PDR-128 PDR-032C PDR-134 PDR-138A
T26 captured (camo) T26 (winter) T26 double trrents (green) T26 double turrents (winter) BA-10 (green) BA-10 captured (gray) BA-10 (winter) Object 279
PDR-138B PDR-138C PDR-138D PDR-138E PDR-136A PDR-136B PDR-136C PDM-202
T-62 (green) T-62 (yellow) T-72 (green) T-72 (yellow) BMP-2 (green) BMP-2 (camo) T-50 BTR-152
PDM-200A PDM-200B PDM-201A PDM-201B PDM-203A PDM-203B PDR-149 PDM-212
BT-5 (green) BT-5 (winter) KZ-1 Armored Train (green) KZ-1 Armored Train (winter) KV-2 (green) KV-85 (green) Katyusha (green) MBV-2 L11 (green)
PDR-162A PDR-162B PDR-170A PDR-170B PDR-184 PDR-185 PDR-189 PDR-190
BA-27 (green) SU-5-2 (green) T-39 (green) MT-LB (green) 2S19 (camo) IS-7 (green) 2S1 (camo) BRDM-2 (camo)
PDR-193 PDR-194 PDR-223 PDM-217 PDM-218 PDR-199 PRM-225 PRM-224
SU76i (green) BP-43 Armored Train (green) B4 203mm gun & Voroshilovez tractor(green) BMP3 ERA (camo) Tank Grotte-1 (green) BMD-1 (camo) BRM-1K (camo) T-14 Armata (green)
PDR-236 PDR-237 PDR-237 PRM-228 PDR-289 PDR-267 PDR-268 PRM-186
AT-S (green) ZSU-57-2 (green) ZIS-42 (green) MBV-2 (F-34) (green) ASU-85 (green) GT-SM (green) 1K17 (camo) T-80 (green)
PRM-307 PRM-311 PDR-314 PDR-190B PRM-302 PRM-306 PR-316 PDR-323
ZSU-37 (green) BM-21 (camo) T-64BV (green) YA-12 & M1937 152mm gun (green) AT-P & M1938 122mm gun (green) GT-T (green)    
PDR-269 PRM-341 PRM-296 PDR-324 PDR-325 PRM-333    
      Others AFV        
Turan II (green) Turan II (camo) Zrinyi II (green) Zrinyi II (camo) BT-42 (green) Toldi PAK40 (camo) PBV301 (camo) SAV M/43 (camo)
PDH-179A PDH-179B PDH-180A PDH-180B PDO-188 PDH-226 PSM-248 PSM-249
Tas Rohamloveg (camo) CSABA (camo) Stridsvagn 74 (camo) 10TP (camo) Namer APC (yellow) Vickers MK V (camo) Tacam R2 (green) RAM II (green)
PDH-250 PDH-255 PSM-258 PDP-272 PIM-278 PDP-291 PDR-303 PDC-309
EE-9 Cascavel (camo) Merkava IV (yellow)            
PBM-318 PIM-337            
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